Featured Quotes from the Book – Part V

Published October 14, 2016

The Assassination of JFK: Perspectives A Half-Century Later | Robert A. Wagner

Featured Quotes from the Book – Part V:

As for the back and throat wounds suffered by President Kennedy, massive confusion persists for three main reasons: (1) Parkland doctors reported an entrance wound on the president’s throat; (2) neither the Parkland doctors nor the Bethesda doctors knew that the president had two nonfatal wounds below his head; and (3) autopsy doctors changed their report of the location of what they said was the back wound between the time of the autopsy and their Warren Commission testimony months later. … On the night of the autopsy, lead autopsy doctor Humes observed that the nonfatal entry wound on the president was located “below the shoulders.” At his Warren Commission appearance just a few months later, in March 1964, Humes said that this nonfatal wound was in the neck. All the most credible evidence proves that what Humes observed on the night of the autopsy, with the president’s body before him, was accurate. Why did he tell the Warren Commission differently, and why did he think history would let him get away with it? These are important questions. If President Kennedy was shot “below the shoulders,” as all the credible evidence proves, then the single-bullet theory is fantasy.