Excerpt from Page 38

Published October 29, 2016

The Assassination of JFK: Perspectives A Half-Century Later | Robert A. Wagner

Excerpt from Page 38:

Of course, Oswald may have associated with elements who may have had a grievance against the president, but that does not mean that those others were involved in Kennedy’s murder. It is impossible to conclude, however, that Oswald received no aid, support, or encouragement from possible New Orleans associations in later carrying out his plan to kill President Kennedy.

Let us add a bit of sobering perspective to Oswald’s New Orleans stint in 1963, however. Whatever he may have been up to, much of it was well in advance of November 22, 1963. Oswald purchased the assassination weapon in early 1963, which was not far in advance of the attempt on General Walker’s life and was most assuredly for that purpose. Although it’s tempting to think that Oswald’s unusual New Orleans activities and associations must be somehow connected to the Kennedy assassination, it is fair to note that many of these events took place well in advance of the announcement of the president’s trip to Texas.