Excerpt from Page 56

Published November 7, 2016

The Assassination of JFK: Perspectives A Half-Century Later | Robert A. Wagner

Excerpt from Page 56:

Let’s review the HSCA’s analysis because it is important. In addition to accurately locating the presidential limousine on Elm Street, the HSCA’s reconstruction depended on other important assumptions. The HSCA reconstruction required the precise position of the entry wound to President Kennedy’s back. (The placement of the wound in the front of President Kennedy’s neck is not controversial.) One would think that establishing the point of entry of Kennedy’s back wound should be a relatively simple matter because Kennedy’s body was autopsied, measured, and photographed. Unfortunately, the autopsy procedure was, to say the least, less than precise, which has complicated what should be a simple matter. The HSCA’s placement of Kennedy’s back wound, although lower than the Warren Commission’s untenable placement, was still higher than it actually was, according to the evidence. If the location of the back wound is wrong, then the entire trajectory analysis is invalid.