Excerpt from Page 60

Published November 10, 2016

The Assassination of JFK: Perspectives A Half-Century Later | Robert A. Wagner

Excerpt from Page 60:

If the entire case against Oswald boils down to proving each facet of the case beyond a reasonable doubt, I have to acquit. Earlier, I discussed Oswald’s second-floor lunchroom encounter with Officer Baker. Whether Oswald could have been the shooter at the depository’s sixth-floor window and then arrived at the second-floor lunchroom just before Officer Baker is one of the higher-profile controversies regarding Oswald’s culpability in the assassination of President Kennedy. The Warren Commission tried to re-create the movements of both men. Although the commission found that it was possible for Oswald to have been at both places, I believe that by itself—with no context—the issue is unprovable. There can be no acceptable reconstruction of the movements of either Oswald or Baker when only a few seconds’ leeway by either makes all the difference.